I love girl power! I love being a women and I love being a mother to a girl. So it was a no-brainer, that I purchase these mom & me sweatshirts that say: GRL PWR. Find them here. ONLY $14.00 -Yep…

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Fall squash: Two ways

I love fall time, especially for squashes. These two varietals, butternut and spaghetti squashes are some of the easiest to use and always delicious. Here is two ways to use them that are not so common! I love both of…

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Moms Going Vegan

Like I’ve written in prior post, I was vegetarian/ pescitarian for over 15 years prior to getting pregnant. Once pregnant my cravings were for meat and fatty meats. Not going to lie, grosses me out now. As I was transitioning…

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Get a backpack Moms!

Out of all my diaper bags and purse, like my never full Louis Vuitton the preferred bag for baby gear is a backpack. At almost 2 years old, I can tell you the backpack is the most used and we…

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A letter on loss of a baby

This morning was about reflection and letting go. I’m treating myself to a favorite cup of joe, since I haven’t had one in 3 months because I was pregnant. You might be thinking, why would you post this? Well, because…

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First Hair Cut: 22 Months

So at 22 months Baby B got her first hair cut. It was truly because the back of her head, her little curls were becoming a fuzz ball from rubbing at night. She was a champ and I can tell…

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Baby B

Baby B is a woman’s lifestyle blog based in Encinitas in Southern California. It’s point of view is focused on becoming a mother and the journey a women goes on from the moment she decides, it’s the right time to get pregnant. Baby B cares about good & healthy food (vegan mom), nice things, home birth, all things natural,  baby fashions, healthy mom & baby products, maternity clothes, maternity fashion, baby products, baby clothes, mom to be must haves and general pregnancy tips.

So as most young career driven women, Baby B’s Mom spent most of her time trying to not get pregnant. Now as a married woman in her thirties, it’s time to start her family and wouldn’t you know it , it’s actually hard to get pregnant. This is her place to share with you the notes from the journey into motherhood, pregnancy experiences, pregnancy crave worthy recipes, and a fashionista’s finds. Thanks for wanting to be a part of the journey and hope you find some of this useful, comforting, fun and encouraging.