Take a million photos

Honestly, fill up the cloud with photo’s of your babies and birth! Don’t wait for that scheduled newborn shoot. I always have my iPhone in my kids face taking photos as most mothers do. With my second I asked my husband…

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My Vegan Exceptions

I call myself a vegan because it speaks more to my values, mentality and how I spend my money on products. This goes way beyond food.  I don’t buy any products that test on animals, I don’t endorse or buy…

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A year of being pregnant

You read this title and probably was like, what? Yes a year of being pregnant- that was 2018-2019 for me. Due to this I took a year off from the blog. I took a year off from Baby B blog…

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Start postpartum care prior to giving birth.

So these three  books changed my approach to having my second child. You must have them in your collection and they are MUST READS. I honestly wish I would have read them with my first or even prior to getting…

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Postpartum in the NICU

Sometimes the most unexpected and horrific things can happen in a split second. Let me give you the background of how I even experience postpartum in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Our son at 7 days old was being…

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Thank you God, Baby Boy Turns ONE

This is HUGE. For so many reasons. But mainly because he made it. I was hand in hand on the doorway of death with my son and I NEVER want to be there again. I knew then it wasn’t an…

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Baby B

Baby B is a mother focused blog based in  Southern California. It’s point of view is focused on becoming a mother and the journey a women goes on from the moment she decides, it’s the right time to get pregnant.

As most  career driven women, I’ve spent most of my time trying to not get pregnant. Now as a married woman in my thirties, it was time to start a family and wouldn’t you know it , it’s actually hard to get pregnant. I’ve been pregnant a total of ten times and have only two children. I get it, I’ve been there and I know how to help manage it. I’ve also been married and now I’m not. Two kids under 3 when I filled for divorce. It’s a journey this life.

This is my place to share my journey into motherhood. I like to think of it as my notes from the road to motherhood. I believe in good & healthy food (veganish mom), clean products in my home, homeopathic health, curiosity and adventure, traveling with babies,, nice things and love to share tips I’ve picked up along the way.

I come from more of a mom focused perspective than Babies. I love information, sharing information and above all giving moms the power and support they need during this HUGE time in their lives.

I think starting with moms and caring for moms makes for healthier and happier kids. Most of my articles, videos, and posts are dedicated to moms and to help them feel supported, loved and the cared for as they go into this new journey and phase in their life. Regardless of first kid, second, or fifth come back to find something you need to connect with, reminder or even just another mom you can vibe with.

Read my Home Birth story of my first child the OG Baby B (a girl) here.

As well as my totally different homebirth experience with baby B #2 my son here.

Thanks for wanting to be a part of the journey and hope you find some of this useful, comforting, fun and encouraging.

-Mom of Baby B’s