GF, Vegan Smash Cake

As I was approaching Baby B’s first fiesta (Birthday), I started looking for recipes for smash cakes that were healthy…Surprise, surprise there were not many I liked or the directions/ recipes were a mile long and not easy nor fast….

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Don’t be a Mom Hater

Look, keeping a child alive and thriving is hard enough work as is. We don’t need to be hating on moms as well. It’s hard to make all the rich decisions, be the best and give the best to these…

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Little Helper

For this stage ( 8months to 1 year+) this has been the BEST! Baby b loves to be in the kitchen and watch me cook. This Luca Little Helper is so she can stand counter height, safely and secure to…

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A Year and A Half

As a mom I think making it to the first Birthday is a really big deal. I mean, come on…You have this new little human you have no experience with, you have to keep them alive, and thriving all while…

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Baby Does Europe (& NYC)

Full disclaimer: I’m that mom that said while pregnant, I wanted to take advantage of my baby flying free to Europe until 3 years old. I told friends, family and anyone that in the first year I looked forward to…

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BlacK, Grey & Love

This little girl is so delicious! I love this little number we played outside in the other day. Pants: Target Cat & Jake Shirt: Old Navy Headband: Homemade by friend  

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Baby Bradford

Baby B is a woman’s lifestyle blog based in Encinitas in Southern California. It’s point of view is focused on becoming a mother and the journey a women goes on from the moment she decides it’s the right time to get pregnant. Baby B cares about good food, nice things, home birth, all things natural,  baby fashions, healthy mom & baby products, maternity clothes, maternity fashion, baby products, baby clothes, mom to be must haves and general pregnancy tips.

So as most young career driven women, Baby B’s Mom spent most of her time trying to not get pregnant. Now as a married woman in her thirties, it’s time to start her family and wouldn’t you know it , it’s actually hard to get pregnant. This is her place to share with you the notes from the journey into motherhood, pregnancy experiences, pregnancy crave worthy recipes, and a fashionista’s finds. Thanks for wanting to be a part of the journey and hope you find some of this useful, comforting, fun and encouraging.