Moms Going Vegan

Like I’ve written in prior post, I was vegetarian/ pescitarian for over 15 years prior to getting pregnant. Once pregnant my cravings were for meat and fatty meats. Not going to lie, grosses me out now.

As I was transitioning to stoping breastfeed I was also finally getting back to going pescatarian, than vegetarian and now with her being 20 months old I’m completely vegan now. I feel great. To me it was easy and a no-brianer. Plant based diets are phenomenal for a lot of reasons, but as a mom I think the sustained energy, help in bouncing back to my fit body and just the overall feeling I have by being vegan is incredible. I highly recommend it.

I never worry about protein or deficiencies in my diet as I take supplements and still eat a variety of foods (minus dairy and meat) as well as most of my vegan meals actually have more protein than a piece of meat I would ever eat.

I will start posting the recipes and menus that I do in my house for your inspiration. In our house we are completely vegan, unless my inlays come over a bring outside food (dang in-laws)… The only vegan exception in our home is our chicken eggs. As they are organic, veggie feed, our girls are also more pets than food factories and have a great life, it would be a shame to waste those beautiful eggs. This is convenient as I love to bake and eggs are very useful in that. The other exception is local honey. That’s it! Other than that NO animal products.

The baby does on the occasion eat meat. It’s rare and only again when around it at family functions or at restaurants. I’m of the thought that if she wants to eat something allow her with in reason and as she matures she can decide what eating habits are best for her. Again this is within reason, in our house she is used to fruits, veggies and whole grains. Very healthy and clean diet. ¬†She has a great appetite and for the most part this transition to being vegan really didn’t change much in our house. For you it might be more dramatic, but any changes are good changes and all you have is health. Health is wealth as they say. Set yourself and your babies up for success by making the changes in diet now when they are young and don’t know anything different.

My goal is with my next pregnancy to maintain my vegan ways. BUT as you know in pregnancy and birth you have NO CONTROL all you can do is have a plan, be flexible and be loving to yourself. Still I will keep you updated on being vegan through my next pregnancy and journey into baby b #2.

Go Vegan!




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