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Baby V (vegan/ Ovo vegetarian) Recipes

Food is what makes life worth living especially when pregnant and postpartum. Putting good food in gets good things out, including healthy babies & energized moms. I’m a foodie and take great care to what I cook, buy and feed myself and my family. I’ve been at one time or another vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian (eats only seafood and veggies no animal meat), and nothing but hungry. With my first child I  found that  I craved meat and  ate animal protein with her. Since that quick time in my life, I’ve gone back to being vegan ( with two exceptions, read about that here) and was with my second he was a veggie boy and allowed me to stay vegan throughout his pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Living in Southern California we are spooled with farm to table, organic, cold pressed juice, chia, and whatever healthy food craze that comes next. In my opinion all health foods trend out of Southern California and I enjoy testing them all.  Food plays a huge role in health and I hope you enjoy the recipes that are some of my kitchen favorites when pregnant and not.  In addition, I will be creating in 2019 a Youtube channel, Baby V (vegan)  dedicated to the recipes I cook to show how fun, easy and tasty vegan meals can be. Bon appetite.