Preggo Leggings

  Since I got pregnant I can’t stand pants. Really I can’t stand any clothing. I just want to be in a flowing nighty all the time. My boobs hurt, I’m gaining weight and everything is uncomfortable. I thought I would…

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 Moms-to-be make sure to put this on your baby register, Chewbeads. They are adult jewelry that is safe for baby to teeth on.  As there tag line says, “Mommy Chic, Baby safe.” They come in a variety of colors and…

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Baby Bags are a BIG deal. TOP Brands!

I’m a stylish lady and this shall not change as a mother. This is my promise to myself!  Cross my little fashionable heart- I will never give in to “Mom Jeans”! I’m an accessory freak  and believe if you have…

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5 Maternity Must Have Brands

Who said maternity clothes suck, didn’t do their research. Our parents generation had really two options, a moo-moo  or a moo-moo with a huge over sized bow. Whoever created that design should be shot. Today pregnancy fashion is not only on…

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Must haves

There are just somethings that are essential in getting pregnant, being pregnant, and for a newborn. I love to shop and find great products that are of quality, on trend, and something I’m proud to own or use. Maternity clothing and pregnancy accessories are such a niche it’s important to rely on recommendations and referrals for trusted products. I love this nitche market and will share with you many brands that I carried in my maternity store/ baby store. Including modern nursery furniture, strollers, slings, and products that can make moms job a lot easier. Happy Shopping & nesting!