Must have Musical Toys (6 months)

Recently we enrolled in a parenting and baby class at a local Montessori school. It was quickly discovered that are little girl (6 months old) loved the musical toys, especially the tambourine. It was made by Hohner kids which are…

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Baby Food: Organic Blueberries and Pears

This one is a WINNER! Baby B can’t get enough and again so simple there is so reason not to make your own baby food. What you need: 1 organic bag of pears (any varietal you want to use) 1…

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Half a year- #BabyB is 6 months old!

Seriously, they all say time fly’s by with babies, but its TRUE. Where did this year go with our little one. She has grown by leaps and bounds in just the 6 months being outside the womb. It feels like…

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Homemade Baby Food

My 5 month old can not get enough of sweet potatoes! They rock that littles ones world and SO easy to make. Seriously mom’s not making your babies food is silly, it’s so simple and you have total control of…

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First Art Project

At two weeks old, I got inspired by a video online to capture my babies footprints. This was important for me to capture her little feet as we had a home birth and no need for them to be documented…

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My Home Birth Story

I’m now a mother & New Year’s Eve will never be the same! The depth of this love is indescribable and transformative. I was fortunate to have the birth I wanted, and in the comfort of my home. We planned…

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Becoming a mother is beyond significant and thrilling in a woman’s life. It’s like a rite of passage, a club or crossing over fully from a girl to a woman. I love sharing my journey into motherhood. It hasn’t been easy for me as I’ve been pregnant 10 times and have 2 children, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every mother arrives at motherhood a different way, but regardless we are all the same. It’s my hope that women take their time with pregnancy and the first couple years, everything else can wait. Honestly, slow down and relish the little moments as you move from being a girl into a woman/ mother. It’s honestly, the most natural and incredible part of your life, don’t forget it. Women are incredible and the act of making, growing and sustaining life just proves it.