Vaccines- the Big debate

Look before you get all judge-y and start picking sides, take a breath.

Here’s my really condensed and idea on this hot topic.

It comes down to choice.

Not that you should or should not vaccinate your child, but that you should have the choice.

The debate is not do I vaccinate my child or not, but do I have the choice to make my own decisions for my family. This is what we should be focusing on and talking about. Not the end result.

From reading my blog it’s obvious what my choice is with our child, but regardless there is no right or wrong. At the end of the day parents need to be empowered to make the choices they are comfortable with and fit into their life.

It would be like if the government said all parents had to feed their children vegan. No exceptions and no choices. Schools would check and make sure you only packed ┬ávegan lunches. If not your kid couldn’t go to school there. This is nothing different in this scenario.

You could debate that children who ate vegan were healthier and had better performance in school as much as without animal protein they were not healthy…

Seriously at the end of the day it’s about the power of choice. It’s the power of being able to parent your child, not the government or some doctors that are looking out for their best interests.

I really feel there is no right or wrong on this issue, but what is wrong is not being able to choose.

Those are my thoughts and sticking to it ( no pun intended)!



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