A Year and A Half

As a mom I think making it to the first Birthday is a really big deal. I mean, come on…You have this new little human you have no experience with, you have to keep them alive, and thriving all while trying not to lose yourself in the mix. It’s a lot to take on and there is no real prepping for it. You have to just jump in to the deep end of the pool and make it happen.

I’ve been fortunate with my daughter to maintain working, bounce back to my figure, and live our life as we did before, just now 10 million times better because she is in it.

I will say the one thing I’m happy to be back to is eating vegetarian, actually all the way vegan again.  If you remember from previous posts on pregnancy, I started to eat meat when pregnant. It was my weird craving. Now 18 months old and start to slow down the breastfeeding, I’ve lost the appetite for anything animal. Makes me happy… I didn’t like that I was eating meat. Anyone else have this happen to them?

Anyhow, now as we talk about getting pregnant again it’s my goal to maintain being plant based throughout my next pregnancy, so stay tuned to that. No, I’m not pregnant yet, just stay tuned.


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