A year of being pregnant

You read this title and probably was like, what? Yes a year of being pregnant- that was 2018-2019 for me.

Due to this I took a year off from the blog.

I took a year off from Baby B blog because I got caught up in my life and work. I was in a place where I stopped writing and stayed to internal in my head. This was all because of how last year started. I lost a baby at 3 months, and then was pregnant again within 2 months.  I wrote a letter to that baby and published it on the blog (click here)  it was very cathartic, but that was the only thing I published last year. I could hardly focus on my real job, let alone my passion side outlet. This might have been a terrible thing as writing is a form of therapy for me.

During this year or so I gave birth at home to our second child a little boy and you can read about his birth story as well on the blog here.

After 7 days at home, he had to be transferred by emergency to the NICU for a life threatening infection. We have been here for 26 days and counting. He is now out of the darkness of trying to survive and on the way to recovery. It will be a long road, but he is such a strong soul and is doing it. My mantra for my son has been: Strong, Healthy and Whole.

All this sounds depressing and terrible, but it’s not. It’s broken me open to my true self.

I’ve been forced to reflect on what is important to me, learned some hard lessons on control, reconnect with my spirituality, even start a daily practice which has been absent for years, and showed me the importance of self-care as it pertains to mental and emotional health.

My posts that follow this are a reflection of this new perspective and hopefully it will help other mothers who deal with postpartum systems, valuing and caring for yourself the first 40 days after having a baby, not rushing back to work or your pre-baby body, eating for health and being a very present and mindful momma. It is important to also learn about the blood dyscrasia symptoms and more.

It’s wild what can happen and the personal growth that can be accomplished in a year!

Cheers to our souls journey-

Mom of Baby B’s



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