Baby B is a mother focused blog based in  Southern California. It’s point of view is focused on becoming a mother and the journey a women goes on from the moment she decides, it’s the right time to get pregnant.

As most  career driven women, I’ve spent most of my time trying to not get pregnant. Now as a married woman in my thirties, it was time to start a family and wouldn’t you know it , it’s actually hard to get pregnant. I’ve been pregnant a total of ten times and have only two children. I get it, I’ve been there and I know how to help manage it. I’ve also been married and now I’m not. Two kids under 3 when I filled for divorce. It’s a journey this life.

This is my place to share my journey into motherhood. I like to think of it as my notes from the road to motherhood. I believe in good & healthy food (vegan mom), clean products in my home, homeopathic health, curiosity and adventure, traveling with baby, nice things and love to share tips I’ve picked up along the way.  I believe children should be additions to your current life and enhance not change and stop your life. I include my kids in all our adventures from festivals, travel, concerts and general life. I’ve found this mentality to be beyond rewarding and all these activities to be 10x more fun with kids in tow.

I come from more of a mom focused perspective than Babies. This is a mom blog more so than a baby/ style blog. I love information, sharing information and above all giving moms the power and support they need during this HUGE time in their lives.

I think starting with moms and caring for moms makes for healthier and happier kids. Most of my articles, videos, and posts are dedicated to moms and to help them feel supported, loved and the cared for as they go into this new journey and phase in their life. Regardless of first kid, second, or fifth come back to find something you need to connect with, reminder or even just another mom you can vibe with.

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A little About me:

I’ve was a co-owner of a maternity store, produced  events around natural birthing, fertility issues, breastfeeding, homeopathic remedies, home birth and even a workshop on cord blood banking. I’ve always been interested in everything to do with pregnancy and having a baby. The process is really incredible! Honestly real life magic. How the women’s body does and how a perfect little being comes together from two. Not to mention some of my favorite clients have been pregnant women and the practitioners that serve these women.

Outside of that, I was a successful consultant and event planner that produced major shows with thousands of people that reached international exposure and success. I specialized in fashion and the fashion industry was my game. Then I sold my fashion event side of my business to be a single mom.

Above all my greatest accomplishments and  work successes,   becoming a mother and the personal journey/work I’ve had to do on myself to become the mother I want to be has been the BEST JOB EVAR. I know kinds cheesy, but 100% true. My children have grounded me and given me new life to my fullest self. I’m forever grateful that these souls picked me and allow me to be their guide and mother. Learning to change my career goals,  roles, perception of self and be okay walking away from an identity that took me blood, sweat and tears to create has been hard at times. BUT I don’t regret it and always remember that work will be there, my children will not.  It’s been beyond transformative becoming a mother. Most of the work happens in my opinion in the third and fourth ( yes forth) trimesters and into the three years. So that’s mainly what this blog focuses on.

It hasn’t been easy for me to become a mother, but I maintain a positive outlook and have enjoyed the process even with it’s difficulties. I had six miscarriages before becoming pregnant with our first baby b, then another three before the birth of my son. Total 10 pregnancies and from that 2 children.  Regardless, I’m very passionate about pregnancy, being pregnant, childbirth and above all after care for mom in the first couple months/ year of being a mom. I feel like where I am at in my life, I need an outlet to put this passion & energy into while taking the time to explore more on the subject of pregnancy & kids. This is  why I wanted to create this blog to share my stories, passion for mothers.

I think it’s a shame that most women don’t have ALL the information on birthing and becoming a mother until it’s too late in their pregnancy to make alternative plans, modifications or arrangements. I wish that more women had the access to knowledge and resources I had prior to getting pregnant. It’s my hope that maybe some women will read this blog and gain more information then they had before also find a fun resource for their journey into motherhood. This also includes after when baby comes. How best to use your time, do you need to rush back to work and pre-baby weight?? All thoughts pressures while trying to learn this new human , adjust to your new outlook, hormones, body and life. It can be over whelming. Just remember that baby picked you and you are doing a great job, mom!

I’m based in San Diego.

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In Health & Happiness,

Mom of Baby B’s



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