Baby #3 – Bell’s Birth Story

All day I felt off. I couldn’t get into anything, I couldn’t rest, my kids seemed overly challenging to me today as well. This to me was a sign that maybe she was coming or at least I was hopeful.

Around 2am on the morning of the 18th of May I was in a consistent rhythm of pre labor contractions 10 minutes apart. Now not time to call in the troops, but I knew with my history things could ramp up very quickly and I needed to get somethings in order to progress as I needed. I called my ex husband to come get the kids. Updated my friends who wanted to be there. Called my doula and also alerted midwives because my past birth history I progress very fast and go into active labor as quick as you can snap your fingers.

By 3:30am I was in active labor (contractions less than 5 minutes apart and baby coming). No water break yet. This was new to me, usually that was like the fun that would fire and start active labor, but nope no breaking of my waters…

Surrounded by a tribe of really amazing and cheering women, I took on bring Bell down and out. I utilized everyone there, their feminine energy, their cheers of motivation and the comfort from being held by them, a squeeze of my hand or a gentle reminder of “I got this”.

The most incredibly different thing about this labor and birth was it was calm and even at times very restful. I was able to fully relax and go deep into a sleepy/ meditative state between huge rushes. Like seriously almost fall restfully asleep and then start the hard work again, but refreshed & always ready. It was like a slow dance, powerful, precise & calm. Even tho it was not slow at all. This played with my mind and made me think I might be in for like a 20 hour labor with this baby, because it was so calm between contractions and again , my water still had not broke. I was also savvy enough and aware enough to think I would be one of those lucky moms that gets to deliver their baby still in it’s sac. An en caul birth is when the baby comes out inside the amniotic sac. Sometimes even called a veiled birth – which would just go in true form with this little sneaker of an already magical baby.

The amniotic sac will remain unbroken, making the newborn appear to be inside a watery bubble. The chances of an en caul birth are extremely rare (1 in 80,000). As with all things rare and babies, some cultures and traditions believe that en caul births are spiritual or even magic.

Being born en caul is seen as a sign of good luck for both baby and parents. Parents and midwives in some cultures even dry and save the caul as a good luck charm.According to folklore, babies born en caul are destined for greatness.

I began to push and Katrina my midwife told me to think of popping a water balloon and like that my water broke and exactly one minute later Bell was born. Not in the sac now, but still beyond magical & destined for greatness.

On all fours by my bed the perfect spot for a very watery birth, she was here!  In  3 hours and four minutes I went from a mother of two, to now a mother of three.

I’m beyond grateful of experiencing birth supported completely by women. Some very experienced in birth others this was their first. It provide for an amazingly, calm, loving and beyond supportive environment. I even cut the cord, which honestly (no offense dads/partners) moms you should be doing this as it’s the last moment and physical tie that connects babe to mother- super powerful!

It’s also your body and a part of how you supported this life for 9 months, again super powerful moment.

This was the first time I had a doula and can’t recommend that enough- gift yourself a doula even if you have an amazing birth partner, have a doula too. I had two close friends that volunteer or more like demanded to be present and honestly that energy was so rad to share with them and talk about taking a friendship to a deeper level- birth will do this. Of course, last but not least my midwives who have been present for the births of all three of my children in or by the same bed.

Honestly, really a beautiful & magical experience. It hasn’t even stopped postpartum. I’ve been wrapped in feminine love, support and care since she emerged. Fed, hugged, made to laugh and have felt incredibly loved by everyone going out of their way to bring us food, hold the baby so I could shower or even just take out my trash. It’s the little things and with this child it has taken a village and boy, have I appreciated the heck out of my village. Thank you to you who fit this description.

This is also such a gift to give yourself as a women to experience & trust labor. So raw, vulnerable, yet beyond the strongest you’ll ever be. It’s ugly & beautiful. It’s pure magic and your body knows how to do this so incredibly well. Like pro status. I wish all moms to get the opportunity to experience this fully, supported and empowered like I have.


With love,

Mom & Baby Bell ❤️



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