Baby Does KaaBoo

Last year we attended the first year of Kaaboo in Del Mar as expecting parents. While there we saw a lot of young families, other parents with kids and other preggo’s. So that made us first off feel comfortable and  we made a pact to come the next year with our baby. I’m so happy we did.

Kaaboo calls itself the “clean festival” and I would have to agree. Bathrooms are everywhere and clean. Lots of places to sit and relax. Wonderful food concessions (vegetarian, vegan, healthy options) and beverages including cold brew coffee and turmeric infused drinks. This year we were able to gain media passes which it’s major perk we used on the daily was to go in the media backstage room. It provided us a place out of the sun in the AC  with a not so packed bar, as well as a quite place to reset & change the baby.

Here are my tips for doing festivals like Kaaboo with your baby:

  1. 1. Bring the stroller. Even if you have a kid like mine who would rather be worn in the carrier, bring the stroller. It held a Mexican blanket, sweaters for the evening, food, extra diaper, wipes, toys, water, snacks and the cup holders where great to not spill our beers when navigation through crowds. It’s also a great people mover and helps keep boundaries of space for your baby.


2. Have the right gear! Refillable water containers & hats are a major must! This is really self explanatory, but helpful.

3. Blanket or mat. It was so great to throw down our blanket and pop a squat in from of the stages we wanted to hear the music from, while baby could move around & play with toys. This was by far the best thing we brought!

4. Headphones for Baby. This is a must on many levels. The ones Baby B is wearing is EMs 4 Bubs headphones. They were okay, but she basically has out grew them. I got them when pregnant excited for concerts with the baby, but they are already to small. I think and know from using this brand we would prefer to get Bebe Muff Hearing protection headbands this brand next.

5. Go with the Flow. As major music lovers you have to put that aside and not be upset if you miss a favorite act or leave early, etc… We found that we were there all day, but cut out in the evening. This made us miss many of the headliners, but we really didn’t care. We had a great time and so did our kid.


We look forward to making this a yearly tradition with our family and love that this festival is so family friendly. I highly recommend it!

One music lover to another,












































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