Baby Food: Organic Blueberries and Pears

This one is a WINNER! Baby B can’t get enough and again so simple there is so reason not to make your own baby food.

What you need:

1 organic bag of pears (any varietal you want to use)

1 pound or large box of organic blueberries (I use about 1/2)

a food processor

Some liquid, in this case I used a little organic coconut water.

How To:

I roasted with skins on the pears so they would get softer and extra juicy. I leave the skins on because of the nutrients just make sure to clean them and blueberries well before making this meal.

Then into the food processor they go with a little extra something special SP Complete by Standard Process ( its a whole food supplement powder). Daddy is a Chiropractor so we get it from him, you need to go to a professional to get this line of products.

I add a little coconut water to the mixture to get the consistency I’m looking for. It should be smooth and runny, but not to runny. Also there will be little chunks of blueberry seeds and skin that’s okay, just make sure fine enough that baby will not choke. A little texture in food is good for them in my opinion.

Then put into whatever container you want to store in.

A week worth of baby food is ready to serve!

Happy Eating,


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