Baby Wearing

I’m such a fan of baby wearing! Since my baby was a week old she has been in a sling, carrier or a wrap on me. I can’t imagine not doing this. Even my husband will use a sling with her as well.

Did you know babies who are worn:

-Learn more

-Cry less

-Happier/Emotional Development

-More organized

-Baby is at eye level with the world

-Are smarter

Okay don’t believe me, well check out this article by Dr. Sears, here.

Not only is it fantastic for baby, but for parent as well. It helps ease the strain of holding child. Breastfeeding is also easier with a carrier. I really can’t say enough positives about baby wearing. Have you ever noticed babies with the flat back of heads? Well, those babies are always laying down or placed in a carrier. Babies who are worn have a perfect head. Just a fun side note…

Here are my favorite carriers in the three main categories of carriers:

Ring Sling = Sakura Bloom

Wrap= Boba

Padded shoulder carrier= Ergo & Boba

Water & light weight =Beachfront baby wraps

So this is with my two months of wearing these have been my favorites. I can tell you that there is a whole underground movement and mommy club for baby wearing. There are even carriers that are smaller brands or homemade that moms go nuts over selling for hundreds of dollars. I’m just now starching that surface. The brands above can all be found online like on, Buy Buy Baby or even Babies in Bloom in Vista, Ca.


Why so many types of carriers? Wraps vs. slings. Big carriers vs. light weight carriers, etc..

Heres why and before let me say I own all of the carriers above and some multiples of, but there is a very good reason for this.

So the Sakura Bloom ring slings are gorgeous. There is no other way to say it. One I have is black linen & the other cream silk with cream linen. These are fashionable & very chic. As a ring sling though I can’t wear it all day or my one side of my body will feel it. Also baby as a small newborn isn’t that secure in it as lets say the wrap, but in the house for a quick fix, a quick errand or on daddy this is preferred. If I had a special event like a wedding or work function I most likely would opt for one of these color ways. I can see the slings being used more when the baby is older and not sleeping on me so much in it.

The Ergo carrier and the Boba 4G carrier are both wonderful, but not for newborns. Even with the inserts it was too big and bulky for my baby. With that being said now that she is getting to be 2 months they are starting to be a great option. I love the support you get with these carriers similar to the wrap, but more compact to manage. Daddy also loves this carrier (men usually do). These two brands have done a wonderful job on design, but the Boba does fit my body type (petite) better than the Ergo. For beach walks, zoo, hikes this is the way to roll.

Wraps are the most amazing thing for newborns!! Snug as a bug, protected, covered fully (if you want) and easy access to breasts. I wear my wrap the most at this point (baby 2 months). I love the Boba wrap more than the Moby wrap because of the material. If you were to only get one carrier start here and work your way up as needed. The wrap is short lived, I don’t see myself carrying my two year old in it, but for now it’s my most favorite item for my baby. A real must mommies! I got mine at Buy Buy Baby of course in black as well.

The Beachfront Baby Wraps is the same style and idea as the Boba wrap, but it’s made of a much lighter weight material that is breathable. It can be worn in the shower or in the water. Besides that if you live in a warm climate like I do sometimes the Boba wrap is just too hot, but you want and baby wants to be carried- that’s when this bad boy comes into play. It’s perfect for hot climates even if you don’t plan on using it in the water, if your baby likes wraps you should invest in this carrier. It’s like $40.00 and you can find it on & Babies in Bloom as well. It comes in a rainbow of solid colors, but I went with black (of course)!


Happy Baby Wearing!


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