Best Pregnancy Dress EVAR!

Yes, EVAR!

Seriously you must gift yourself one of these dresses, Tees by Tina a must for moms to be!

I’m OBSSED with these dresses. It’s a one size fits all brand and the crinkle dress is God sent for pregnant women.

I honestly wear at least one twice a week. It’s perfect for anything, work, dinner or event. The best part is it is no fuss! They don’t wrinkle, hold shape, super flattering, can have sleeves or no sleeves add some fun jewelry and you are all set. I love seeing this package come to my home, makes me so happy.

I currently have the black, red, emerald, coral and cream. Two are with the quarter sleeve the other three short sleeve- both styles excellent. I’m actually using the cream one for my maternity photo shoot and possibly even my baby shower. I can’t wait to get the pencil skirt shown below that is new for fall in black.

If you are pregnant this will become your favorite go to in your closet, I promise!!!

Here are two photos of me in the red and the teal quarter sleeve dresses. Really super comfy and so easy to wear.










image2 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender copy

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