Breastfeeding is A LOT of hardwork


I was reminded today of how hard the first two weeks were of breastfeeding. Now with a 9 month old and being a breastfeeding pro, I totally forget how challenging the first couple weeks were for baby and me to get in a swing.

It’s funny how we can forget the bad and only focus on the good.

I was thinking about how if I didn’t stay committed to the process, I would have turned to alternative (easy) options.

I want to tell all new moms or soon to be moms, stay with it! You can do it! Act as if there is no other option to feed your child and you too will become a pro. I was laughing with the other mom about all the weird and daily activity places I feed my baby… Like in the line to check out at Trader Joes, while talking walks, or even working with clients. Also my boobs can solve any problems for my child in less than 15 seconds. That power is like a super power, I don’t want it to end. Wether it’s discomfort, being tired or frustration, once the boob is pulled out nothing, but smiles and comfort. This is just what you do as a mom, but in all honesty in the first two weeks if I didn’t get the support…I could see why so many moms struggle and give up.

Please read my tips on breastfeeding like a pro to maybe help you out if you are in this situation and also the best thing is talk to a lactation consultant, another mom or even go to a breastfeeding meet up. You can learn so much by watching and speaking openly with other moms. If you never breastfed before it can be daunting and awkward especially in the beginning- ask for help!

Another side note is forget about all your cute tops, dresses and shirts that you love to wear for the next year. If it doesn’t have easy boobie access you will not be wearing it. Still at 9 months and my baby eating solids, I still only wear clothing items that I have fast and easy access to my boobs. The nice thing is most of today’s styes can be made to get to the boobies fairly easy.

Happy Nursing!

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Image Credit to Google Images on these gems! 🙂

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