Carters did it again…

I said I wouldn’t buy Carters clothing for my kid because I wanted to support smaller, boutique designers creating chic baby clothes. Well, shit Carter’s is everywhere and has so pretty stinking cute items. So funny the things we think before we become parents.

So this insanely adorable photo, I’m calling hearts on fire. It’s all Carter’s. Grey onesie with gold hearts and white head band with little black hearts. I die. Really I die over this kid. Too much right?! That smile makes my heart light on fire everytime!



The next one is a unisex onesie that reads “I woke up this cute”. Yes you did little one!  You might notice the amber teething bracelet Baby B rocking like an anklet. She’s two months, but I swear she is teething and didn’t want it by her face. She’s starting a new trend of bringing back anklets. #trendsetter 🙂


Both these Carter items were purchased at Kohl’s recently.





Semi-converted Carter’s Fan,


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