IMG_0396 Moms-to-be make sure to put this on your baby register, Chewbeads. They are adult jewelry that is safe for baby to teeth on.  As there tag line says, “Mommy Chic, Baby safe.” They come in a variety of colors and shapes. Form necklaces to bracelets &  now they even carry daddy dog tags as well.

Here is why this product is SO GREAT:

– 100% Silicone teething jewelry

-No BPA, phthalates, PVC, cadmium, or lead.

-Dishwasher safe

-No detachable parts

-Necklaces have breakaway clasp

-Bracelets are colorful reminders for which side you just nursed

I love the black necklace I just got myself at a recent trade show and hope our little baby will be as enthusiastic about it as well.

To check out all the Chewbeads products go here:








Happy Chewing,



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