Delicious RAW Green Drink: Mom Super Food

When pregnant it is important to make sure to eat many nutrient rich foods. With cravings and food aversions that can get difficult, I know this first hand.


This is one of my favorite items to always have on hand, pregnant or not. It’s easy, can be a meal replacement and packed with nutrients. I sometimes take it with me in the car for long work commutes.


Kale is a super food that is all the rage, but most of its nutrients get cooked out or as humans we can’t macerate it enough to absorb all its goodness. This is a raw recipe that will provide 100% of the nutrients that kale has and tastes great to any palate. It’s even kid tested & approved.


You’ll need:

-2 bushels of kale (pack as much as you can into blender)

-32 fl. oz. No sugar added, Organic apple juice (or H20)

– Spirulina

All into blender for about 7- 10 minutes until liquefied.  This is best in a Vitamix. Poor back into glass container and ready to drink. Refrigerate after. You don’t have to drink this in one sitting, it will last up to a week. Have a glass a day.


When picking the Kale pick two varietals and make sure to pick the darkest green ones you can find.

I prefer R.W.Knudsen organic, no sugar added apple juice, but you can use any. Try to get one that comes in a glass bottle. This is better for the product than plastic and also can be reused once the drink is made.

Spiralina is great in smoothies, juice, or on top of food. It’s grown in the deep sea and packed with nutrients that promote a variety of health benefits like:

-Supports cardiovascular health

-Supports eye & brain health

-Boosts energy

-Boosts immunity



All these ingredients can be picked up at a local heath food store.

This is the ultimate mom super drink! Once you get used to the taste and want to decrease the sugar you can start taking out the apple juice and substitute with water.


Bottoms Up!


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