Due Date hang up…

The big Due Date day, the 15th, circled on a white calendar with a red marker, as a reminder of the date your project must be completed and submitted or the da

Being an over achiever, impatient, type A personality my due date seems so inaccurate- I struggle with it.

I know in all my reading and knowing I’m having a home birth that baby will pick when she wants to come and most first time moms historically go a week over due date. For some reason though, I feel my baby girl is going to come early.  Again who knows and my “feeling” really has no barring on her due date at all.

This is my lesson and daily meditation practice, to not allow myself to get caught up on the due date. It’s not easy and I do try to be cool about it, but I can’t lie I’m thinking about it daily. Will she come early at the 37 week marker (Christmas) hope not… That’s not a fun Birthdate to share. Will she be late almost at the end of January?  Will she be right on time January 15th? Who the heck knows.  I have to give it up and just let her do what she is going to do.

I just hope I don’t go stir crazy on maternity leave waiting for this little one to join us.

Patiently Waiting.

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