Eating for two- Don’t be neurotic!

Through out my pregnancy, I never got caught up in reading books or crappy literature that uses scare techniques or talks about everything you should be worried about. I’m not an neurotic person anyways and don’t see the point in reading books, magazines or blogs that play to women’s fears, advertisers or just propaganda. My naughty list for this is : what to expect when you are expecting, the bump and parenting magazine – all terrible!!!

With that being said only in America when women get pregnant do they start this homework on what to not do when pregnant or with baby. I can’t tell you how many friends I have that have a laundry lists of no’s, will nots, can not’s and my doctor says…That’s all fine and dandy, but many of these items are not accurate. Stop living in fear. Everything can be bad for you if you abuse it, buy crappy quality or are not responsible.

Parenting should start from pregnancy and should not come from a place of fear. 

Here’s an example: Sushi.  I love sushi  especially pregnant with this child. I craved meat and fish, which is abnormal for me, but it was what my baby needed and wanted. So I ate it. Simply because it’s what I wanted and it was the only thing that satisfied me when I needed it.  I  ate it through out my pregnancy with no issues or concerns. Why? It’s simple, what do you think a pregnant women eats while in Japan? Do you think she stops eating raw fish (a main staple of her diet and cuisine there)- no. Not even, she maintains her same diet without fear.  Now, yes don’t eat fish daily with high amounts of mercury and don’t get sushi from the airport vending machine, be responsible and reasonable about your choices. I only eat sushi from the same restaurant we have been eating at for years. Not a 7-11.

Also don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to over indulge and over eat.

Yes hunger is real as a pregnant women and a hunger I’ve never felt before this. Wait until breastfeeding- you will be even more hungry!   Still, I don’t have 6 cheese burgers and wash it down with a milkshake ( I just barfed a little).  I still maintain my normal eating habits, but have added more protein and maybe extra smaller healthier snacks through out the day to hedge off that intense starvation. Almonds, protein bars like the macro bar are delicious,  apples with peanut or any nut butters are some of my favorite snacks between my normal meals. My one craving  with my first child was  a donut or ice cream every once and awhile. I do have them, but not back to back or daily as I keep my sugars low. Sugar low is one of the best things you can do.

My only Do Not’s:

-Drugs/ Cigarettes



-Excess sugar (moderation key- no need to have my baby a sugar addict before being born)

-Excess salt (moderation key- no swelling here)

Notice how other cultures women maintain their figures more than American Pregnant women… Do you notice this, well I do.  It’s because we are neurotic about food, but then eat crap and in too large of proportions. Healthy eating habits start in the womb, I’m convinced.  We are told to only gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy and get all wrapped up in weight gain or not.  Eat balanced, healthy meals. Keep sugars & salts low or out of it, caffeine and booze. Other than that enjoy food, enjoy being pregnant, eat regularly and healthy.

My advice is don’t get neurotic with all the Don’ts and Do’s out there in pregnancy it will only continue into parenthood and no one wants to be “that mother”. Eat what you need and what your body asks for and just be aware of what you put in. Ask yourself, will this help my baby grow into a healthy child? Candy is a probably no answer 😉

Eat GOOD food-






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