Engorgement & Cabbage

Okay engorgement is real and really uncomfortable. I myself have never had this issue as I have not yet had my baby, but several of my friends have.

I feel that at this point with all the times, I’ve shared this with my friends I need to write a post on this.

So what is engorgement?  From what my girlfriends say it feels like your boobs are so full with milk they are going to explode at any moment! One of my girlfriends showed me and no joke it looked like someone put a water bottle under her skin, her boobs were so full, it hurt just looking at it.

This happens to breastfeeding mothers who are especially on  IV fluids during childbirth, another reason to push for au natural!  It’s when you transition from the colosseum to milk. Or as people say when your “milk: comes in.

You’ll be happy you read this if this happens to be your case. The BEST remedy for engorgement is green cabbage, yes cabbage!

Literately make yourself a cabbage bra and put all over your breasts the natural cabbage cup compress.

Trust me if this happens to you- you will be happy you know this trick!

Boobie Love,



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