Everyday Easy, Protein packed, Vegan Oatmeal

This recipe is a staple in our house. We eat this oatmeal about 4 days, if not more of the week.

The hardest part is getting all the ingredients out of the fridge or pantry.

You’ll need the following (organic, NonGMO- EVERYTHING)

-Oatmeal. I like to mix rolled and steel cut.

-Rasins. Baby B’s favorite!

-Flaxseed meal


-Chia Seeds

-Almond milk

-Coconut flakes

-Goji Berries

-Coconut oil


Basically really no measuring needed. In saucepan med/ low heat fill half way up with almond milk, add as many oats as needed to feed your family (I do 2 cups for the 3 of us) then add in all the other ingredients. Stir and then when almost done cooking and softening the oats I add a table spoon of coconut oil and one of honey.  Its SO good super healthy and everyone eats it up.

Side note, it keep so well in fridge for a snack later or even leftover breakfast the next day.  All of these items were purchased at Trader Joe’s, Lazy Acres and Costco.


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