First Art Project


At two weeks old, I got inspired by a video online to capture my babies footprints. This was important for me to capture her little feet as we had a home birth and no need for them to be documented like in a hospital. So I jumped on and ordered the following:

  1. 1. A set of non-toxic washable, kid safe paint.
  2. 2. Soft foam brushes
  3. 3. A pack of 4 small canvases
  4. 4. Some ribbon that I will use to hot glue to the back to hang on the wall.


Within days it was delivered to my door and I decided to take on this art project. I tried to time it between her feedings so she would be content. Regardless of this, she hated it and it was much more challenging to do then the video made it out to be. I had my husband’s help and I think if you don’t have an extra set of hands, do it while your baby is sleeping. I should have done it when she was sleeping not alert.

It worked out to have the 4 canvass so I could give to the grandparents. I do recommend using paper and doing a couple testers first before going to the canvas. You also don’t need a lot of paint on their feet, less is more. I mixed red paint and white to get the shade of pink I was looking for, super easy.  The whole project time took maybe 10 minutes, so super do-able with a newborn.

Even though they are not perfect, I think they are still adorable and a wonderful keepsake. Also perfect timing for a Valentine’s gift for the Grandparents.

Happy painting,



IMG_5223 IMG_5216


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