First Hair Cut: 22 Months

So at 22 months Baby B got her first hair cut. It was truly because the back of her head, her little curls were becoming a fuzz ball from rubbing at night. She was a champ and I can tell I have a girly girl.

We went to Detour Salon in Encinitas. It was excellent. I originally thought, I should take her to one of those kids salons where they sit in cars, planes, etc. BUT then I thought that is not needed nor our style anyways. She went to where I get my hair down with hair artists we trust and have a working relationship with- so good!

I was super surprised to find out that they were set up to do young children ( I know first time mom). They had the booster seat, adorable smock, and to top it off a certificate keep-sake with her hair timings to mark the occasion.

If you are in SD or in North County of San Diego I highly recommend Detour Salon and for the whole family 😉


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