Have Baby Will Travel

I told myself pregnant that I wouldn’t be afraid to travel with my young baby. That once she came we would get out there and still see the world. I also told myself my work wouldn’t suffer and I would still make time for personal things… Well the later two haven’t quite worked out as well, but traveling we’ve gotten that accomplished.

At 9 months old and coming off my biggest work load of the year we were all ready for a vacation and you can check here to find the best places to hang out during the pregnancy! My husband was in charge of this trip and him being the island vibe type of guy, Hawaii it was! Kauai is one of our favorite islands and we had not been back since our honeymoon.  We thought it would be perfect with the baby. If anything, we knew she would adore the wild chickens and roosters that roam around the island. To get guides to islands you can learn this here now and know where you can go to get the right tour experience.

I will say about an hour before the flight I had a mommy worry moment… What if her ears hurt, what if it’s a packed flight and someone sits in our row,  what if she has a blowout, what if she cries the whole time (which she never does)…. All these worse case scenarios. In true Baby B form she was a champ. Joyful, social, and when not those, was sleeping most of the way. It was a full flight out and we did have someone next to us. We scored as she was a Grandma of 8 and beyond delighted by our bubbly and well behaved little traveler.

Side note I refuse to travel with a crap load of luggage- it’s way to cumbersome for me to even bother with. So we never take a stroller or pack n’play or really anything other than babies clothes, diaper, wipes and some toys.  She drinks out of cups so thats super easy and her snacks are me or whatever we are eating.

So when we landed and got our rental car, we also rented a child seat. It wasn’t the best, but it was clean, safe and worked for our needs. I highly recommend this than paying extra to check and lug around your own.

On the island we had a condo we stayed in which is the way to roll in my opinion. I love having a kitchen to make breakfast, have snacks and just be able to shop locally. It was perfect and across from the main beach in Poi’pu!

We love to get in and use the first couple days as tourists then the remaining as locals.

This time we did one excursion to the Fern Grotto and also a tour/ train ride at a local plantation. After those two touristic days we enjoyed just being there with no real agenda, a true vacation.

Of course being a mom who loves dress up and themes, I had to get some shots of the baby in a hula skirt. Of course I told my husband for the blog, but who am I kidding it was for me and Grandma!

All in all it was a great vacation, the longest flight for the baby and the longest time away from home. She handled it like no big deal and now we might be slightly over confident on our traveling baby. Next Europe!

Get out there and travel!


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