Infertility SUCKS!

Trying to stay pregnant has not been the easiest for me. Infertility sucks. It’s painful.

We have done all the basic and advanced tests, you name it and we have done it!  With nothing, but a passing grade. We are considered “normal.”

I swear they are trying to clone me with all the blood & DNA I’ve given.

With no significant reason or problem as to why, it has made us feel so out of control & helpless.  I do believe that stress can  be a major factor on ones health, but I’m a pretty healthy girl that actively uses stress reduction tactics in my life. Some of these tactics are yoga, meditation, spirituality, massage, positive thinking, aromatherapy, walks and acupuncture. All of these reducers are part of my healthy lifestyle regardless of whether I’m trying to become pregnant or not. It’s just my way of life. BUT maybe in my case stress from my job is the problem.

What’s an impatient lady like myself to do with that?  I’m at a point where I just want to be pregnant and have a healthy baby. Thanks to modern medicine & natural homeopathic medicine it can be easier, but easy isn’t happening for me right now.

I found at times, I just want to forget about the whole thing. Who really wants kids anyways- right? Then I think of all the normal reasons why two people have kids and that attitude wears off. Other times, I feel like the universe is taunting me with pregnant women and newborns every where I go. Like a sea of healthy and happy moms and babies, and I get jealous. All normal and acceptable behavior. So if you too are having infertility issues no matter what they are, it all sucks!  I’m sorry and I promise you are not alone.

That is one of the reason I started this blog as a place to put all this depression, frustration out there. It’s normal and it’s okay, it’s happening to many women around the world. You are not broken and it’s not your fault. These things happen.

I’m learning hard lessons in acceptance, patience, and staying positive. 2015 New Years resolution is to have a full term, healthy pregnancy.

Keeping Positive,



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