Make your own Rice Cereal-SUPER SIMPLE

Okay so my baby is now almost 5 months old and developmentally showing signs she is food curious. We’ve given her little sucks on fruit and veggies, but nothing more than that. I started to look into rice cereals to start her on, not oatmeal or wheat because of the high risk of food allergies. Every brand even the organic, non GMO, Non GEI, etc brands all had fillers. This was really pissing me off… Fortified with vitamins, more iron, zinc, etc- all equals unneeded crap to me. So I decided to break it down and make my own.

I decided to do brown rice over white rice. It’s of course organic, long grain and whole grain. This is the most simple recipe EVER. I would never buy instant or box cereal for my baby after this. So here it goes:IMG_8109

Step One: get the rice you want your baby to eat.

Step Two: put in blender, I used my Vitamix or food processor

Step Three: blend until becomes a powder

Step Four: add a little to boiling water in sauce pan

Step five: Stir in the boiling water until thickening, but keep it runny in the beginning.  Key is to keep stirring so you have smooth rice cereal without chunks.


There is no reason after this not to make your own clean and healthier rice cereal. I blend up a bunch and keep it in an air tight
container ready to use when needed.

Happy Baby Cooking,




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