Best love song ever

At our first Midwife appointment at 12 weeks we got to hear the best love song ever! It was our babies heart beat. I instantly was overwhelmed with rushes of love I’ve never felt before. It was real, I was…

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Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is not just in the morning. I’m the lucky mom-to-be that has it all day long. At almost 3 months I’m settling into my routine of throwing up after every meal or even thoughts of meals. At the…

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Mom to be

It’s a really exciting and sometimes challenging time to become a mom to be. Everyone is an expert and has an opinion on what you should or should not eat, drink. How to work, birth, vaccinate, etc… I’ve found that pregnancy is a personal experience making nothing right or wrong, but perfect for you & your baby. In my research and experience I’ve found very helpful tips, products and ideas that help being a mom to be an easy pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s  life and this is fun way to share my experiences with you. Remember this is the time in your life when you are the most important person and thing ever- treat yourself this way. Your baby or babies can’t be healthy and happy without you being healthy and happy.  It’s not just over when baby arrives, but my opinion should extend into the first three years of each child- additional care and love for you too during this time.