Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is not just in the morning. I’m the lucky mom-to-be that has it all day long. At almost 3 months I’m settling into my routine of throwing up after every meal or even thoughts of meals. At the same time, I’m  constantly starving- but everything sounds gross. Nothing ever sounds good.  It’s the most exhausting experience to be starving, eat, then throw up just to be hungry again. It’s never ending.

I will tell you though, despite the overall feeling of nausea, it is also my favorite part of being pregnant. It is a constant reminder that the hormones are good and the baby is taking over my body in the most positive way.

I wish I could tell you tricks or tips that help with this extreme morning sickness, but so far nothing works for sure. If anything here is what I have found that dull the discomfort.

-Sea bands you can get them on or Buy Buy Baby. They are easy to find.

-Cereal and almond milk. Any basic, bland cereal. It makes up 3-4 of my every 2 hour meals.

-Organic Greek Yogurt.


Other than that ginger, gatorade, peppermint candies,  tea, preggie pops, crackers, etc -didn’t work for me.

I do feel that the more sleep you can allow yourself also cuts down the number of times you might throw up a day. So if you can sneak a nap or 3 in.

Trying to keep it down,


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