IUI flop

So recently we tried IUI/ Intrauterine insemination. We didn’t have the doctor assist in the placing of the sperm inside the uterus, we were allowed to have our own “relations” to achieve this. We did get pregnant, but again didn’t make…

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Infertility SUCKS!

Trying to stay pregnant has not been the easiest for me. Infertility sucks. It’s painful. We have done all the basic and advanced tests, you name it and we have done it!  With nothing, but a passing grade. We are…

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A place for real talk about pregnancy, childbirth, and the years that follow in becoming a new mother or adding new children to the family. This is one of my favorite pages, because I think this is the most meaningful information to share similarities, connect, to not feel alone, get education and another moms viewpoint as well as candid articles on the stuff we should talk more about as women and mothers.  Thanks for wanting to be a part of the journey and hope you find some of this useful, comforting, fun and encouraging.