Must have Musical Toys (6 months)

Recently we enrolled in a parenting and baby class at a local Montessori school. It was quickly discovered that are little girl (6 months old) loved the musical toys, especially the tambourine.

It was made by Hohner kids which are BPA Free and pass the CPSIA/ASTM toy safety standards. After our second class and our baby going back for the tambourine we purchased one.

In addition we also got a rattle made from a gourd that we got on our last trip to the San Diego Zoo. She is in love with both.

Scientific research has proven active music making stimulates every area of the brain and impacts intellectual development. Playing music has also been found to help children focus on the structure of sounds and this is an important aspect of language development.

I highly recommend you get some music making toys for your babies. Not just ones that play music with batteries, but instruments like these that allow your baby to make music. Learning cause and effect as well in the process of playing.

Making Music,


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