Start postpartum care prior to giving birth.

So these three  books changed my approach to having my second child. You must have them in your collection and they are MUST READS. I honestly wish I would have read them with my first or even prior to getting…

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Get a backpack Moms!

Out of all my diaper bags and purse, like my never full Louis Vuitton the preferred bag for baby gear is a backpack. At almost 2 years old, I can tell you the backpack is the most used and we…

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Little Helper

For this stage ( 8months to 1 year+) this has been the BEST! Baby b loves to be in the kitchen and watch me cook. This Luca Little Helper is so she can stand counter height, safely and secure to…

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Hape Wonder Walker

On our recent trip to Hawaii we discovered the BEST wood toy, the Hape wonder walker. When we checked into our condo the concierge asked if we would like to have some toys to use while there, this walker was one…

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Outdoor Must Have

I LOVE to be outside. Rainy day or even sunny day, I need the fresh air. With a young baby (3 months old) I didn’t want er exposed completely to the outdoors unprotected and that when I found this gem!…

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Baby Wearing

I’m such a fan of baby wearing! Since my baby was a week old she has been in a sling, carrier or a wrap on me. I can’t imagine not doing this. Even my husband will use a sling with…

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Must Have Apps for Mom’s to Be

I have two recommendations for apps to use while trying to get pregnant and once you are pregnant. Glow for tracking your ovulation and knowing the best chance of pregnancy and Nurture for when you become pregnant. Both are made…

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AfterBirth Sitzbath

Today our midwives came to our home to do the home check and make sure all our supplies were in order. One of the tasks I had left to do was make my afterbirth sitzbath pads. Do you know what…

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Must Reads for Soon-to-be & New Parents

As a modern parent have so many options on how you want to have birth, raise your child and how you care for them. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on all the options and then go with…

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Best Pregnancy Dress EVAR!

Yes, EVAR! Seriously you must gift yourself one of these dresses, Tees by Tina a must for moms to be! I’m OBSSED with these dresses. It’s a one size fits all brand and the crinkle dress is God sent for pregnant…

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Must haves

There are just somethings that are essential I found worth sharing for getting pregnant, being pregnant, and for postpartum and up to the first three years for moms.  It’s more than just stuff, it should be really quality items that make motherhood easier, not clutter your space, end up in the trash or just another toy in the bin.

I think as mothers we are  told to buy this, that and to be honest you really don’t need much. The basics and some items for you mom, to make you feel good and that’s about it.

Don’t get me wrong I love to shop and have quite the closet of things, but lately I’m over just having stuff to have stuff. These items are because the brand has a great story, quality product, or I found really useful during pregnancy & motherhood.