My Vegan Exceptions

I call myself a vegan because it speaks more to my values, mentality and how I spend my money on products.

This goes way beyond food.  I don’t buy any products that test on animals, I don’t endorse or buy from companies that abuse animals or have terrible animal practices and go planted based not just in my food, but also my home cleaners. You would be shocked at how toxic your house is using the store bought “typical” cleaners- yuck! Especially for moms and babies, it has to go. Go check your cleaning products and purge the bad ones please, you’ll thank me later.

I never use dairy in any of my cooking nor animal meat.  So what are my vegan exceptions?

Eggs and Honey.  Here’s the only reason why.

I have chickens. I love my girls, they know their names, cuddle and are super loved for. Did you know they purr almost like a cat when getting their heads rubbed. It’s true.  They gift us beautiful eggs and I will eat/ bake with them. Now when the weather gets cold and eggs stop temporarily, I don’t have eggs and that’s totally fine. They are little precious gifts I can’t waste and I know exactly what my girls eat (all organic nonGMO) and they are super happy hens. That’s why some of my recipes are ovo vegetarian (Latin for Egg).

I recommend if you are going to still eat eggs, Please go to a neighbor who has chickens, local small farm or a place to purchase the eggs that you can see how the hens are being treated and cared for. It’s a big deal and super market eggs are horrific and the hens that produce them live abused, tragic lives- don’t pay for that please.

Next is honey. We are lucky that in our area and places we have traveled their are local bee keepers who love and tend to their bees as pets and family members. Some are even helping the populations re build after the years of tragic decline in bee populations. These are the places we get honey from and will eat. I don’t always honey and to be honest rarely use it, but if you see it in my kitchen or in a recipe it came with a story and would be happy to share it with you.

Again I recommend you don’t buy honey in the super market as the quality is terrible and again the practices of getting the honey are killing bees to the point of extinction.

In general I would say 90% of what I cook and eat is 100% vegan. It’s a wonderful time to be vegan too as stores, restaurants and general public are aware of this growing demand and options are getting to be fantastic. It wasn’t that long ago that your only options were just soy and tofu ( not my favorite).


Eat for health, eat for life and eat like you love yourself and the world you live in.


Here I am 8 months pregnant with Baby B #2 holding Gingy and her sister Clove is in the background. I love these girls.


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