One years old

One year old.
This day last year (12-31-15), peacefully at home preparing to enjoy a quite New Year’s Eve as our daughter was going to soon be earth side with us, my labor began (2weeks early). Who would know that a fast four hours later after the most intense and at times even out of body experience, I gave birth to our daughter in the comforts and serenity of my master bedroom. I never felt more like a woman, warrior and goddess. I was lucky to have the birth that I wanted with her. At 9:13pm with the rain outside and the earth celebrating new beginnings we: Daddy, Baby B and myself were snuggled up in bed- falling deep in love with one another over and over again. New Year’s Eve passed us by as time stopped for us in that moment. You would be amazed at the hours that seemed like minutes starring at the most gorgeous and perfect child we created. I never knew I had empty spots in my heart and in my life until this one arrived and made them overflow with emotion, gratitude and love. This has been one of my life’s callings and I’m so honored this little soul chose me to be her Mommy. Best year of my life! On her first Birthday I feel like it’s my birthday too, as you can’t get a better present than an earth angel like her.

Happy Birthday to my Baby B, mi a more, & lovey.


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