Planning Baby B #2

November marks the month I’m going to start treating myself like the mother goddess I am.

Ponder this: 

Why when pregnant do we take  the best care of ourselves? Why not do this always? Why not live the best for yourself in perfect health and care?

Not drink, not drink caffeine, cut sugar, eat healthier fats and oils, take supplements, rest, be more aware of our needs and give into them? Why not do this all the time? Love yourself regardless of caring a baby or not?

Well, on that note I’m cutting back dramatically on booze and caffeine. These two are my vices, but I always find it easy to stop. I’m lucky that I don’t need either. I’m just as happy with bubbly mineral water or hot herbal tea. It’s more the romance and habit of these two I have to break.

If anything just being aware of why I’m consuming these things is important. Do I really need it or habitual?

So I do have a plan that worked in the past for an amazing and easy pregnancy. I do understand that no pregnancy is the same, but regardless this is the plan for getting pregnant with baby #2 – its all about healthy habits.

Planning to Get Pregnant:

1. Cut booze or stop

2. Cut caffeine or stop

3. Healthy fats and oils

4. Cut or stop sugar and sugary items

5. Sex often and with LOVE – play & have fun

6. Sleep, rest and keep energy levels maintained.

7. Positivity -good vibes only! Keep love in the mind, heart and soul. Love is everything and makes the happiest babies.

8. Only organic, non-GMO, good quality and fuel foods.  For me vegan*

9. Supplements for fertility by Standard Process

10. Exercise. Fit moms have easier births especially natural births!

11. Chiropractic care {daily- I married a Chiro 🙂 }

12. Accupunture every other week.

13. Monthly massage


I also if you saw the previous post using the AVA bracelet in this process too. More to come. Until then practice makes perfect 😉





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