Playpen Hack

So let me first say,  this is not my home nor do I have a dedicated play space. I have areas of our home that feature my daughters toys, playmates with books, but no dedicated boxed in spaces like this. BUT (yes starting a sentence with BUT), this one is at my girlfriends house and it’s pretty rad.

While over at her house for a couples with kids dinner,  we saw this new addition to their home and was totally impressed, also Baby B loved hanging out in it.

Her husband used 2×4’s and se covered with a nice thick blanket to make the walls. This is one side of their den and with the beautiful street seen print on the wall makes the room feel much larger. It’s nailed into the adjacent was creating a L shape. The mat is a basic Skip Hop mat you can find at Buy Buy Baby or Amazon and wha-la! A safe play space for your kids. This couple has twins so this has been a life saver in their home for the twins to play in while mom and dad make dinner, clean, etc…

I had to share because if you have the space and have the need this is a great alternative to the plastic playpens or round gates that are very unstable.

Talk about the ultimate Playpen hack, this is it!

IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127


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