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Since I got pregnant I can’t stand pants.

Really I can’t stand any clothing.

I just want to be in a flowing nighty all the time. My boobs hurt, I’m gaining weight and everything is uncomfortable.

I thought I would be all about the half panel pants and not even. If I do wear pants they must be full panel so they don’t cut into my tummy.

I’ve been on a conquest to find a black pair of leggings that will work, be chic and go with all my tops for the next 6 months or so. I recently stumbled upon Preggo Leggings. All I can say is so far I’m in LOVE.

I’ve purchased the t-shit and tank-top that say “Preggo is the new Black” and am anxiously waiting for my back ordered black leggings.  I can’t get enough of the t-shirt with the mesh sleeves, it’s adorable and then fit is on point. I bought a small and before being pregnant wore a extra small- small. The material is so soft to the hand and washes well with out fading.

If you are into color then I would buy all the leggings they have. I’m too conservative and basic for the color pops and will stick to my black leggings for now.

Happy Shopping,




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