Pro: Co-Ed Baby Showers

We recently had our baby shower/ gender reveal. It was a blast and the feed back from our friends and family was that is was the best shower they have ever attended. I attribute this to a couple factors:

1. It was Co-Ed

2. We did a gender reveal

3. I happen to have a background in events

BUT the main reason I really feel it was so successful was for #1 & #2. It took both my husband and me to make our baby, why would I leave him out of this day to celebrate us becoming parents and our new little one that is joining our family?  This also includes all the amazing men in our family and friends that we would want to have there to share in this huge life moment.

This is our first baby and it took us sometime to get pregnant we really want to share that with everyone, not just a segment of the population.

With the gender reveal it also was part of the main master plan. When we found out we were pregnant we were so ecstatic that we didn’t need to add more to it- being pregnant and seeing the baby at 12 weeks was just enough. Saving the sex for later was such a good move and happy we did it. My husband and myself made a pack and really didn’t tell a soul. So when we cut the cake at our shower and revealed the color of the inside the crowd went wild. It will be forever one of my favorite moments in my life. I can only compare it to the moment you kiss at your wedding and turn to the audience as husband and wife! So so special!

At our shower guests had lunch catered by the The Med at the La Valencia Hotel, homemade pies by a dear friend, gender reveal cake by VG’s Bakery. They got to decorated onsies (total hit and great fun) got to place bets on if it was a boy or girl and we played a beer baby bottle chug. This game was a hit with the male guests. Of course the big moment of the afternoon was the cake that would showcase and be the item that announced what we were having. It’s a GIRL!

My husband and myself  have discussed that for baby number two it would most likely be a sprinkle or a baby blessing with just females, but for first baby I say go all out and make it a family and friends event with all there who will be a part of your babies life.

Here some shots from our shower and thanks again to J.Dixx Photography for capturing these priceless moments in our family history.

Happy Shower Planning!











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