Semi-Homemade NoDairy Chocolate Donuts with RAW coco frosting


So I LOVE donuts, they are my vice.

I’ve always wanted to make them at home and recently went for it.

I bought a donut pan and a mix by Stone Wall Kitchen. The pan is similar to a cookie sheet just for donuts. I will tell you don’t over fill them, less is more. To be honest for all this batter, I should have gotten two donut pans.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out, especially with the healthy substitutions I made to the recipe. I highly recommend you give these a try. If a donut could be healthy, I think I discovered how to make it so.

Also these are baked not fried- so extra points there!

So the base mix I bought was the Chocolate Donut Mix by Stone Wall Kitchen I picked it up at Williams Sonoma. On you can get the mix and the pan together for under $20.00.

Here’s what I substituted and added:

Instead of the 1/2 cup of veggie oil I used 1/2 of cup of organic coconut oil

Instead of the 1.2 cup buttermilk I used 1/2 cup organic almond milk and 3/4 organic almond creamer (to get the fat)

1/2 of white vinegar instead of the lemon juice

For or the frosting, I kicked out the package they included and went RAW. Here’s my recipe for the simplest and most decadent RAW chocolate frosting/ syrup.

1/2 cup of raw organic agave nectar

as much tablespoons of raw organic coco powder. You can even add cinnamon to this if you wanted to put a Mexican chocolate spin on the frosting or even chilly powder for a kick.

Mix together and it is so divine and #craveworthy. Great to put on fresh strawberries or anything- this is a good recipe to have on hand at any time, you never know when you’ll want a raw chocolate frosting.

I will say my husband did try the frosting from the kit and it was pretty dang good.

For the toppings I used organic non-sweeted coconut flakes, sprinkles and crushed raw walnuts.  I highly recommend the coconut as it brings out the undertone of coconut in the donut from the coconut oil. Super delicious!

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