Start postpartum care prior to giving birth.

So these three  books changed my approach to having my second child. You must have them in your collection and they are MUST READS. I honestly wish I would have read them with my first or even prior to getting pregnant. I’ll tell you why, but the three titles are linked here and all under $20 on Amazon.

It was clear to me and a priority to me with my second child, but tenth pregnancy to take my time to relish in being pregnant and take care of my mental/ emotional health. I truly ignored it until this pregnancy- far too long. Spiritual Babies was a gift to me by a friend and honestly help me heal on a deep level with all the previous losses and take some fear out of being pregnant again. It also gave me a different perspective on how babies choose us as parents. I’ve always believed they choose us, but how this happens and why was and is unclear- it’s in a far realm beyond our comprehension, until now. Walter, the author and conductor of energy writes a beautiful book on his experiences with mothers and parents. It’s a must read especially if you find yourself having difficulty getting pregnant or experiencing loss. It’s like a huge comforting hug for your momma soul.

This last pregnancy of our son Baby B #2, Baby Bradford I took off from work on maternity leave two and a half months before having my son. I did this intensionally after reading the next two recommended books. It was clear to me that I had spent majority of my pregnancy in fear and distant from my baby in my womb. I was looking to connect and be present with my only focus on him and us. I spent this time, studying and working on my spirituality (later this proved to be beyond helpful in our journey) to nest,  to journal and reflect on myself as a sacred mother, relax and take my time preparing for our new arrival. Part of this was because we all thought he would also come early like his sister did, but he came on his actual birth date spontaneously.

During the month of his due date, I started making recipes from the

I made them to eat and try prior to making them to freeze. This is key with any new recipes or food- make sure you like it before you commit to eating it for weeks. It was a wonderful project to buy the ingredients some I’ve never heard of or cooked with, try something new and just be cozy in the kitchen cooking. For me that is very therapeutic and fun.  I will share more of my favorites from the book later on my cooking channel on YouTube-Baby V.  Some are now favorites that I will continue to make outside of the 40 days postpartum.
Not only did this book provide wonderful food to feed my soul and nourish my body pre and postpartum, but it explained the why. Why warm food, warm drinks are significant to healing and what to avoid. It brought in cultural insights and old world wisdom that has proven to be the best for centuries for mothers. It also is mother focused and that speaks to me greatly. We as mothers have our babies and then we forget about ourselves. BUT without us the babies can’t thrive, so we need to be thriving as well. This book is also a beautiful book to look at.
It was also a blessing to have made all the recipes I liked earlier and freeze a lot of them as I would be spending the first week at home in our love bubble, but then the remaining 3 weeks ++ in the NICU. These soups not only provided me easy fast food to heat up, but truly kept me going. Postpartum in the NICU is not ideal. I wrote about that here.
Now, with the  hindsight that after giving birth (7 days at home only) I would be spending my time postpartum in the NICU, I now believe I’m stronger and healthier in here because I almost had my first forty day pre- labor not post. Interesting thought. I’m beyond thankful I took off of work a month earlier than before, that I spent the last 6 months of my pregnancy on my own spiritual healing journey and read these books to help put it all in perspective what I was feeling and going through.
I’m not done with this book yet, but it helped me understand many of the feelings, emotions and side affects I was experiencing with all my pregnancies. It also it a great medical read without being too medical. I also love that it is expanded into caring for young children not just babies. So even if you have toddlers, it’s still a relevant read and actually any age children it still would be helpful to mothers when looking at their health from becoming a mother.
Happy Reading!
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