Stoping breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a big deal. We all have goals and timelines in our mind when we go into it. My goal was to get to two year and I stopped at 19 1/2 months. It was honestly the perfect time. I could tell that baby b was ready and would be fine. At this point for me, my job was ramping up, stress was high and I was distracted. For baby b she was eating just fine and really only breastfeeding at night to sleep and for comfort. Mostly she would grab, pul and play with my boobs (which was also becoming annoying). It was the right time for us mutually. The day I stopped I was so scared about getting her to sleep and was impressed to find out that it was not the struggle I had built it up in my mind to be. It took a little longer, but it happened and she slept through the night peacefully. Within two days it was clear to her that “no more boobies” was the new reality and life went on.

The funny thing is my baby never, like really never took a bottle. Once I stopped breastfeeding for about 2 months after she liked to have “milkies” once a day in a bottle. She drinks almond milk, never has had dairy. This helped in the transition and she appreciated the bottle then. Then one day she was just over it and hasn’t asked for “milkies”

I will say another reason that I was afraid to stop was her getting sick or catching colds now not breastfeeding. That also has not been an issue that in my mind, I had convinced myself it might be. I will say that I do find comfort and love knowing I have breastmilk in the freezer incase we needed. Truthfully liquid gold and can cure anything in my opinion…

I think there is really no right or wrong time, but instead what is perfect for you and your baby. For us 19 1/2 months was the perfect time for us.

Here is a photo of a nice moment, in Italy under a scarf both of us having a drink. If you are still breastfeed, invest in lots of scarfs- it was essential for me and a constant in my wardrobe during this time.


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