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Baby Food: Organic Blueberries and Pears

Posted on: by Kate

This one is a WINNER! Baby B can’t get enough and again so simple there is so reason not to make your own baby food. What you need: 1 organic bag of pears (any varietal you want to use) 1…

Homemade Baby Food

Posted on: by Kate

My 5 month old can not get enough of sweet potatoes! They rock that littles ones world and SO easy to make. Seriously mom’s not making your babies food is silly, it’s so simple and you have total control of…

Make your own Rice Cereal-SUPER SIMPLE

Posted on: by Kate

Okay so my baby is now almost 5 months old and developmentally showing signs she is food curious. We’ve given her little sucks on fruit and veggies, but nothing more than that. I started to look into rice cereals to…