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Safe to eat ORGANIC Nail Polish

Posted on: by Kate

I have a little girl and I myself love to get my nails done. Even though she is 2 months old, I still keep my eyes open for safe nail polish for her when the time comes. I found recently…

Semi-Homemade NoDairy Chocolate Donuts with RAW coco frosting

Posted on: by Kate

So I LOVE donuts, they are my vice. I’ve always wanted to make them at home and recently went for it. I bought a donut pan and a mix by Stone Wall Kitchen. The pan is similar to a cookie…

Semi-Homemade Banana, Chia, Walnut, Vitamin Packed Muffins

Posted on: by Kate

  So sometimes I just don’t have time to make everything from scratch. This is a great go to for a nice healthy treat, packed full with all the goodness you need when pregnant. I start with any Banana muffin or…