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A year of being pregnant

Posted on: by Kate

You read this title and probably was like, what? Yes a year of being pregnant- that was 2018-2019 for me. Due to this I took a year off from the blog. I took a year off from Baby B blog…

Start postpartum care prior to giving birth.

Posted on: by Kate

So these three  books changed my approach to having my second child. You must have them in your collection and they are MUST READS. I honestly wish I would have read them with my first or even prior to getting…

Postpartum in the NICU

Posted on: by Kate

Sometimes the most unexpected and horrific things can happen in a split second. Let me give you the background of how I even experience postpartum in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Our son at 7 days old was being…