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My Vegan Exceptions

Posted on: by Kate

I call myself a vegan because it speaks more to my values, mentality and how I spend my money on products. This goes way beyond food.  I don’t buy any products that test on animals, I don’t endorse or buy…

One pot Healthy vegan/ Vegetarian dinner

Posted on: by Kate

I’m now back to my pre-pregnancy eating habits and that means A LOT of veggies. Every once in a while some seafood, but really not animal protein. When I was pregnant, though man oh man did I love the meat….

Healthy Side Dish: Butternut Squash Rice with Turmeric

Posted on: by Kate

I’m on a kick of cooking with turmeric.  It’s so healthy and good for you! Now that I know this, I’m having fun using it in recipes. This one was me playing in the kitchen and creating a delicious side…