Take a million photos

Honestly, fill up the cloud with photo’s of your babies and birth! Don’t wait for that scheduled newborn shoot. I always have my iPhone in my kids face taking photos as most mothers do. With my second I asked my husband and midwives to use our professional camera to take photos of my labor, since I didn’t have many from my first home birth-. Best thing ever!
Here’s why:
1. I don’t have many from my first and these moments and the experience are priceless. Not that I’m going to make people sit through a slide show, but as with all things with time some of the little details fade- photos preserve this.
2. You never know what’s going to happen. With my son he was home with us for 7 days before being transferred to the emergency room and NICU. He’s still there and he’s almost a month old. Hence, my newborn family photoshoot is cancelled and my newborn photos of my son are all the ones we took. We also have no time line when he will be discharged.
3. As we age and as trends change, my favorite photos of myself or my family are the unstated, informal, authentic ones. Even some with no hair and makeup done. Yes the composed professional ones are amazing and I love them, but sometimes us in the “real moments” and looking as we mostly do are the best. So don’t wait to do your hair, makeup or the professionals- take the photos and remember you can always delete.
Here are some of my favorite shots from now what we are calling our newborn shoot, but really it’s shoots over the first 7 days.
Take the shot,
Mom of baby B’s
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