Vegas Baby, literately




So after all the ups and downs of being pregnant and then not…My husband and myself agreed to take a break from all assisted interventions and just relax. We went back to just enjoying each other and the timing couldn’t be better. In two weeks we had a weekend in Las Vegas followed four days later with a week in NYC.


During this time my husband (health care professional, chiropractor) put me on a regiment of supplements by Standard Process to help strengthen me.

As luck would have it and you’ve heard this before, not trying worked. We are 11 weeks pregnant (as I write this) and let me tell you morning sickness is no joke. We actually have our first appointment with our Midwives this week and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

If you are trying without luck don’t give up. I believe it was stress and the lack of the supplement support that was my issue. Once I lightened my stress load and pumped myself up on whole food supplements, we were pregnant.

This is after a long haul and a lot of sad nights. It’s nice to be finally in a good place. I feel very positive and excited about this little baby growing inside of me.

More updates to come.



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