What do I SAY?

So I’m having a dilemma and yes I’ll preface- it’s self induced.

I don’t know what to call myself as it relates to my career and being a mother. It’s becoming frustrating in some circles and conversations to me. So much so I’m writing this dang post about it. I’m sure there are several other women in this position and would love to know how they describe their “role”.

I still work and running not only one successful business, but two others. This is not including my obligations and commitments to the organizations I’m on the board of.  Yes, as a business owner with employees I can make my own schedule, and not always go into the office, but that doesn’t mean that the weight of the job, financial responsibilities, tasks to do and human capital don’t run through my brain 24/7. Not to mention being constantly connected digitally to whats going on or what needs to be done.  I’m still a full time & overtime. Heck, 2 weeks after having my baby I was back on my emails and responding to all of them the day they were received. If you are a type A you can relate, mailbox to 0 by end of the day.

Now, for being a mother I’m the primary guardian and caretaker for my baby. I’m with her 24/7. She goes with me everywhere including my office, partner meetings, board meetings and work events. If she can’t go, most likely I’m not going. This is by choice and some circumstance (breastfeeding only). I do have help from my mother and nanny for 4 hours a week in my home, but still I’m feeding and being with my baby during those times.  Even as I’m writing this post, my baby is sleeping in her Boba carrier on me under the radiation blanket by Honest Company. I’m all about multi-tasking if you can’t tell.

I consider myself a full time and stay at home mom.  She is my #1 priority and her health, emotional well being and ability to learn are my focus more than anything else at this time. Note, she is also only breastfeed so we are very attached & bonded.   I also use that I’m the boss to bring my baby to work and to meetings that in other institutions would be frowned upon, inappropriate or not allowed. I do bend and create the rules as I’m going through this with my first baby. I’m still figuring out how to manage and do it all.

Okay so here is the dilemma…What do I call myself?

I’m a full time mom and full time in my job.

I feel I have a great balance in both and I’m so LUCKY to be in the position I’m in. I get to contribute to my household, spend my own money, stimulate my brain, feel like I’m contributing to my community, but never sacrificing the time with my young baby. It’s pretty great, but what the heck do you call this? #BossMom, I mean what is this hybrid of a modern woman’s role as wife, boss, mother…?

I would love to know how other moms relate to this topic of working and raising babies full time. It’s a lot to manage, but so worth it. If you have any catchy phrases or how you explain it, that would be great to hear. Please shoot me an email babybradford@baby-bradford.com



ps. Thanks to 656 Photography for these photo’s while updating my headshot!

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