Why we choose Home Birth

In all my years (yes years) of research from owning a maternity store, to doing workshops with childbirth educators in all areas and now as a pregnant mother- home birth is the best option for us. It actually has never really been a question. I knew before I was with my husband this was how I would bring my babies into the world from my womb. As my partner he also shares my views on health, health care and natural before chemical in all areas.

To me it’s really simple it comes down to two choices you make in all areas of your life:

Are you selfish, or are you not?

Do you want the easy way or are you willing to put in the work?

Do you educate yourself to seek truth or do you accept what you are told?

I feel very deeply that if you care about bringing your child into this world from your womb, the best way is through a natural birth without medical intervention. Now, with that being said we women can’t control birth. No matter how hard we try you are going to have the birth you need to have for you and your baby, but you can at least prepare yourself for the optimal birth experience you want. There are times where you may need a surgical birth and it’s a wonderful thing that we have that capability, but it should be only in an emergency.

I could go into next all the statistics about how poor as an industrialized nation our maternity care and births are, but you can read all about that or watch videos that state the facts.

Here are some I recommend:

CDC – Birth Stats on high cesarean rate in USA

Why not Home– trailer on documentary on Doctors choosing home birth vs. the hospital

Read these books– so much information you can become a scholar on birth in America.

At the end of the day here’s how I feel… Why would you not want, as parents, to give your baby the best chance at having a peaceful, normal, natural, uninterrupted, healthy birth?

Talk about setting your baby up for success from the start.  If you want this for your baby stay home as long as possible… Attempt to birth at home (or birthing center), if you are successful then gosh dang it – great work mom! If not and you need to transfer to a hospital, then you at least know without a doubt, you tried. The longer you allowed you and your baby to experience the natural birth process at home the better you both will be.

Let me disclaimer, I feel this shouldn’t be just you and your partner, but under the care of trained midwives.

Birth centers are also a great middle ground, if you don’t feel comfortable in your home with delivery. They are set up like a home environment and births are still attended by midwifes.

I myself, love the comforts of my home and feel the safest here.  Thats very important, where do you feel safe? You need to feel safe in your birth so you can relax and allow yourself to go to that animal & innate state of a mothers work.

It’s not even the birthing experience that is the most significant at a home birth it’s the care for the newborn after delivery. You and your partner are at home in bed with your little angel. Your baby never leaves your side.  Your baby is coherent and not drugged. You bond immediately with baby on your chest undistributed nor rushed. No one is coming in to bother, poke or prod unnecessarily. Baby  can be a baby and mother can be a mother.  Breastfeeding and learning each other immediately in a very aware, mindful & comfortable space.  Who wouldn’t want this?! Unfortunately in many hospitals this is NOT what will happen.

So Im thrilled that we live in an area of the country where home birth is a wide option with many resources. I’m so grateful to have the most amazing support team going into my birth from my husband to our midwifes. I find it my duty as a mother who cares about the long term effects of a positive birth on my daughter and for me, that it’s my honor to do this work!  To do this amazing work it in the safety & peace of my home.

Even though you can’t control your birth story, you sure can control much better the elements in your home then in an institution like a hospital, their #1 priority is the bottom line. At home with your midwifes you and your baby are the #1 priority.

I challenge all moms to begin to look into the facts and dig deep into their innate capabilities. To trust their bodies and themselves to give birth natural. To view it as a natural and normal phenomena that we women are so fortunate to get to experience.  To not forget this was the normal way of having babies until the 1950’s… We have been experiencing natural childbirth with our medical intervention for centuries. You can do this, to be scared of a home birth is backwards thinking in my opinion and means you don’t have enough information. Educate yourself.

There are so many resources on home birth and midwifes. Here are some great links to find resources in your area:

National Association of Certified Professional Midwives

Midwives Alliance of North America

American College of Nurse-Midwives

North American Registry of Midwives

My husband and myself have chosen to work with San Diego Midwife and if you are in the San Diego area and planning a home birth we would highly recommend their care. We truly love them and are looking forward to having our baby girl at home in the new year with their support.

You Can Do This Momma!






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